Hayacq Media Group/ Hayacq Production- Beneficial PR  offers and effective cooperation.


With the help of Hayacq Production, You have a great opportunity  to make your company’s advertising programs, movies and videos directed for your customers, target groups and for various levels of society.

* Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists will  prepare and implement unique  PR programs for your company, with the help of which your company will become much more recognizable in public, by acquiring great reputation and credibility.

* We also offer quite suitable system of periodic discounts and bonuses,  in enabling advertisers to attract new visitors and customers.

We also offer

  1. Video/photo shooting and montage. /Also in English and Russian if necessary. /
    2. Advertisement on TV, Radio, Internet / screening and installation/
    3. Web Design
    4. Logo Design
    5. Internet Marketing / Design and management of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, etc.6. Advertising on bus
    Advertising on underground.
    6. SMS advertisement
    7.Email marketing

And other services ….